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When inviting Five star Cleaning we realize how important it is to be courteous and cautious. Our professionals will never leave a mess behind. No drips….do damage…using extra care when moving your items away from the windows. See why our customers only trust FSC  into their home to make sure the job is done right!

We’ll ensure the entire interior window is cleaned – including the screens! A thorough job always means making sure nothing is missed. For interior window screens we always include them in the cleaning of interior windows. Why clean a window and leave a dirty screen? Screen cleaning and wiping the sills make the job we do for you that much better.​

Interior Window Cleaning in Victoria

Most home owners don’t do their own window cleaning. It can be difficult, time consuming and dangerous. It can involve climbing ladders, extreme heights and many hours. 

We have been in the business since 2003. We specialize in offering homeowners and professional services of a full-time window cleaning staff. Fully insured, bonded and WCB  Covered. 

Exterior Commercial Window Cleaning

Residential Window Cleaning in Victoria

We provide commercial window cleaning for Victoria and the Vancuver Island . Our quality of service is a reflection on us! Rely on us to clean your windows. Our uniformed staff are professional, on time and will remove the dirt and grease from the windows.

For business owners and home owners we offer pressure washing as well. The task may look easy, but knowledge of the water pressure and how it contacts different surfaces area is important. Trust us to clean your property without the risk of damage.


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